4 Modernized Indian Suit Styles Reloading Démodé Trends

4 Modernised Indian Suit Styles Reloading Démodé Trends


India is known for its traditions, and at the very core of these traditions are Indian traditional dresses. One of the most timeless examples of Indian outfits is Salwar Kameez. Whatever the event, Salwar Suit brings out the essence of Indian clothing and looks good on all ages- anyone who wants to embody the Indian Culture. 

Salwar Suits are extremely versatile- there are a plethora of designs that change every season corresponding to the latest trends. Indian Suits can be heavily customised in terms of styles, colours, patterns, borders, etc. One has an abundance of options of how they want their suit to turn out, and can experiment a lot. If ever in doubt, salwar kameez is the most reliable piece of clothing.

Over time, a great deal of styles have modified the original Salwar Suit. Here are four modish Indian Suit Styles reviving the traditional Salwar Suit fashion:

Punjabi Style Patiala Suits


Blue Patiala Suit  
Blue Patiala Suit


Punjab, renowned for its heritage, is the most pertinent Indian state that showcases the Indian culture and the rich history. One can identify Punjab’s culture in the vibrant and spunky way Punjabis dress to celebrate their individual character. Punjabi style Patiala Suits, derived from the popular city of Patiala, have always been hot favourites, especially in millennials, who want to look chic, yet classic. Maintaining the original stitching the modern Patiala salwar suit can be designed in different styles and prints.

Anarkali Suits


Peach Anarkali Suit  
White Anarkali Suit


The Anarkali Suit, without fail, has been a dramatic way to add to the style of the traditional salwar suit. Although it was fashioned In the Darbar of the Mughal Emperor, Akbar, when he punished Anarkali for loving his son, it continues to be popular and is still a trend with the millennials. The long gown, not essentially floor-length, the conoid flare and pleats make you feel royal and the Anarkali is a go-to for parties, weddings and other occasions. It can be customised with laced borders, enhanced necklines, substantial hemlines, and elaborated bodices.

Sharara Sets or Palazzo Suits
Green Sharara Suit
White Palazzo Suit

Shararas and Palazzos are the most comfortable form salwar suits in the history of Indian clothing. The look of this ensemble is identical to that of a ghagra. This three-piece outfit is a combination of a chic kurta, flared pants and a complementing dupatta. Like the Anarkali, Sharara Suits also originated from the Mughal Empire, and make for great ethnic wear combined with comfortable fitting. The Palazzo Suit can be paired with statement jewellery and a potli bags.

Straight Salwar Suit

Yellow Straight Salwar Suit
Red Straight Salwar Suit

Straight Suit Sets made their way into the Indian market for their modern and vivid look. They can be paired with fancy dupattas like ruffle dupattas and charming hoop earrings. Straight Suits are typically worn with long kurtas and continue to be an ageless attire in Indian Culture. Styled in different fabrics with various accessories, straight suits remain relevant even today and are preferred across many cultures for their evergreen appearance.

The Salwar Suit is prevalent in all cultures across all parts of India and can be worn on any occasion, be it a simple day or a fancy wedding. This traditional dress has remained relevant across various fashion timelines and keeps evolving with time to characterise new styles in modern clothing while maintaining the essence of timeless fashion.



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