How to dress for your body type? Stylish dressing tips for women

Well, there are no rules for getting dressed! You can always pick the outfit you like. But it is observed that the women who dress according to their body shape always make a difference. They look better, fitter, and more gorgeous.

Here is a quick guide to stylish dressing tips for women as per their body shape. You can get the dress of your dreams like latest suit designs online in India

Stylish dressing tips


Apple body shape

Also called an inverted triangle body shape, the women with apple body shape have a heavier top. Their shoulders and busts are broader than their buttocks with an average waist measurement. The arms are quite slender. The apple-shaped women don’t have a curvy figure. Around 14% of the women belong to this category of the body.

Women with apple body need to dress up in such a way that the attention is not drawn to their upper body part and midriff. Shirts, A-line traditional dresses with V-neck which are not too over the top, will look the best on the women with an apple body shape.A long and deep V line in women kurti can create an elongated illusion of the upper body. To keep the attention away from the waistline and broad shoulders, you can safely go for the dresses and cotton kurtis that have long sleeves. You must also wear the tops that have frills or drapes that can cover your heavy bust. Printed dresses and printed jackets can shift the attention from the torso even more.

The area below the waist, which is your strength area, can be accentuated by wearing dhoti salwar, flared pants or palazzos. Wearing flared pants and palazzos will neutralize the effect of wide shoulders. Try new kurti design in dark colors which suit you more as compared to the lighter hues.


Rectangle body shape

Rectangle or straight body shape, also popular as athletic body shape, is not a curvy figure at all. As the name suggests, the width or your shoulder will roughly match the width of your hips. The waist for this figure type is normally straight, not very small. This is an evenly distributed body shape. Most of the women that are around 45% of women have a rectangular-shaped body.

Ruffled tops withA-line skirts are a perfect match for you. You can also check latest kurti style online. Wear the dresses that can add to a feminine look like cotton kurti with palazzo online in India. To add meat to your bust and upper body, wear sleeveless or strapless tops and dresses. You can check out western frock design online. You can also afford to wear long jackets and cape under a plain spaghetti top. Avoid wearing manly clothes. Use shapewear to wear under ethnic tops to tone your body, narrow the waistline, and have a curvy shape.


Pear Body Shape

The pear shape is also referred to as the triangular shape where a woman’s waist is more than the bust and the hip area is broad. Around 20% of women fall into this category. The width of the shoulder is lesser than the hip.

Wearing clothes that can add to the top of the bust and shoulder and minimize the lower body is the best thing to do. There is western frock design where top might have a frilled broad sleeve to accentuate shoulders. Try to balance your upper body with a heavy lower body. If you wear broad pajama or Palazzo with tops, it will add unnecessary thickness to your legs and thighs. While if you wear overtight pants or skirts, it will hug your legs so tight that a triangular shape will become more evident. Straight pajama and pants with heels will do the trick. Thinjeans with loose top will create an illusion of the hourglass figure. Even dhoti salwar suit can be a good choice for you.


Hourglass body shape

It is a curvy body shape and the most desired one too! The waist is well defined, the bust measurement matches the hips measurement. The women with this body shape have a fuller bust and hips. Only 8% of women enjoy the pleasure of having the hourglass body shape.

You can afford to wear all the curvy and figure revealing dresses. To flaunt your waist, wear a belt with your long ethnic dresses online in India. Sport a pant or jeans below the belly button. Go on to wear body-hugging dresses and steer clear of loose tops and bottoms as that may not look as inviting!

Shape your bust appropriately, Since, you have an hourglass shape of the body, it is expected that your bust area will be heavy. Hence you must wear an apt inner-wear under cotton suits to make your breasts look straight up and not saggy.

These are the tips to dress up keeping your body shape in the mind. Do buy maxi dresses online India as per the body shape to look your best ever!

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