How to look slimmer in a lehenga: 3 hacks

How to look slimmer in a lehenga: 3 hacks

If you are not too sure of wearing a lehenga in the upcoming wedding or a function, considering your broad waistline, then you must know that there are ways to look slimmer in a lehenga. So, how about following some tips and tricks to look slimmer in this traditional dress for girl rather than cutting down your daily calorie intake and managing cravings.

Three hacks to look slimmer in a lehenga

You must be aware that on an occasion, the camera is just like a bullet that can fall on you, shooting you from anywhere possible. Hence, it is suggested that you should leave no stone unturned in making yourself look better and leaner.

Here are some simple ways to look slimmer in one of the best traditional dresses – a lehenga.

Take care of the fabric and color you choose

The first hack and the most important one is to select the right material for your lehenga choli. If you are getting your lehenga stitched, then take care while buying the material, and if you are buying a readymade lehenga, its fabric is the first thing you should notice.

Fabric is one of the most important things to consider because it is one thing that makes a lot of difference. So, what is the best fabric to look slimmer? Well, this answer largely depends on the season. Though fabrics like georgettes, satins, and crepes can work for most of the seasons and get you the slimmer look as well, the materials like tissue, organza, net, etc. can make you look heavier. However, if you are a petite woman, you can go for a raw silk lehenga choli. But if you are a more massive figure, you must go for a material like a georgette.

Also, choose a darker and solid coloured fabric because dark colors give the illusion of a slimmer look as compared to the light hues. Try black, wine, maroon, velvet, and deep red lehenga instead of a white, sky blue, or a yellow lehenga.

Design and fitting

Another thing that is going to decide how incredibly slim you will be looking in your lehenga is the pattern or design of the lehenga choli and its fitting. You need to pick the design of the lehenga or get it stitched thoughtfully. It is suggested that it must match your body type. Firstly, you must know whether you have a pear or apple or hourglass or rectangular or round body shape.

The women with an hourglass shape can afford to wear almost any design because it is undoubtedly the best figure type. Most of the designs and patterns look good on them. It would be best if an hourglass woman picks A-line lehenga in a runny fabric like velvet, georgette, and chiffon. The figure will look sought-after if you can wear a short lehenga choli with it to show your curves and narrow waist. Take the dupatta rolled in the neck or sideways casually.

The rectangular body women do not have a curvy shape, but your lehenga choli can create that illusion! Go for a wide lehenga in a stiff fabric such as silk or net. For the million-dollar look, the blouse can have a plunging neckline. Since you have broad shoulders, take a flowy and soft dupatta so that it does not add more weight to the shoulders.

Pear-shaped women have a narrow upper body and heavy hips. It is best to wear a simple lehenga skirt that is not heavily embroidered. Go for a simple and runny fabric to flaunt a slimmer bottom.  Do not wear ruffled lehenga or the one that has flare. A blouse with a deep neck or high-neck will be good to go for you. Even a crop top lehenga or sleeveless blouses are good options for you.

Jacket lehengas are for the apple-shaped women. Look for soft and flowy fabrics to make you look leaner. Steer clear of high neck and off-shoulder lehenga choli. A wide neckline in a decent fabric is a perfect choice for you. Do not wear net, brocade, and tissue as it adds more weight and mass to the body. Take dupatta around the elbows.

Those having a round shape should wear a lehenga with long kurta. You can look for these long Kurtis online. Go for a flowy fabric. Some good options for you include ruffled skirt lehenga, laancha, sharara, etc. Use the dupatta to cover the flabs and heavier body parts.

Take care of the sleeves and necklines too, as they also matter a lot. Select the elbow-length sleeved blouse rather than sleeveless to make your arms look leaner. Check for more designs by searching for lehenga online India. 


Yes, even accessories have an essential role to play in making you appear thinner. To look leaner, do not overload yourself with jewelry. Chokers and heavy neck pieces that are stuck to the top of the neck of ethnic tops lehenga are a strict no-no. If you keep the embellishments minimal and wear slim raani haars and long chains, you will let your skin breathe and appear slimmer too.

Elongate your height too to look leaner. Wearing high heel sandals and stilettos with lehenga is a must. If you look taller, the mass seems to get distributed, and the person ends up looking slimmer. 

Your hairstyle also needs to be in accordance with your face type. You must have been drooling over a hairdo that you would have spotted a celebrity sporting, but does it match with your face type, and will it look good? Not every hairstyle suits every face type. If you have a round shape, go for a bouncy or side fringes hairdo. The women with long faces must go for fringes to cover a part of the face or a side hairstyle to create more width. Square face shaped women can get their hair curly. Long fringes and side parting are ideally suited for their face. Women with diamond face should leave their hair loose most of the time.  

So, do take these tips of traditional dresses seriously and sport a perfect figure to leave everyone around you amazed.

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