How to look stylish in traditional Indian wear?

How to look stylish in traditional Indian wear?

Indian wear is undoubtedly the most versatile costume all over the world. The costume designers from across the globe, vouch for this fact and are often seen infusing Indian styles in their attire.

Not only women, but even the men also look incredibly stylish in dhoti kurta and other forms of Indian men’s wear. Women undoubtedly have more variety and options of traditional dresses as compared to the men. The working women often wear traditional Indian clothing such as cotton Kurtis and long Kurtis with palazzo pants to their office and look elegant and stylish effortlessly. When weddings are lined up or when the festive season is around the corner, we prefer wearing ethnic dresses. At that time, you need to be mindful of shopping ethnic pieces that can make you look smart. It is imperative to pick up the right pieces so that you can look your best. Here we share how to look stylish in the traditional Indian wear.

Be selective in your choice

To leave everyone smitten, it is essential to be very careful with your choice while you are on a shopping spree. It will help if you shop for unique pieces that can leave everybody around you, thinking. For this, you might have to visit many shops or explore too many new suit designs or Kurtis online, but it will ensure you choose the best.

Explore trending outfits

Always keep an eye on what is trending in the market. One of the best ways to do so is to go through fashion magazines and media channels to find the latest suit designs. In your leisure time, you can explore online fashion websites to see new and exciting fabrics, patterns, and designs of traditional dresses. This will help you in selecting the most distinguished outfit for you when you initiate shopping.

Take care of the fabric you chose

The first thing that can make or break the look of a dress is the fabric. A right fabric is the essence of the entire look of the dress. So, you need to get the right material for you. Some materials are evergreen and suit perfectly with ethnic wear such as silk, georgette, linen, chiffon, etc.

You can also try new fabric, which most of us are hesitant to do. The Indian dress designers these days are experimenting with many new and different fabrics. To make a statement, you can try a unique material. But it would be best if you were careful about choosing the fabric that is appropriate for that season to keep you comfortable.

Shop as per your body type

One of the most important considerations, which most of us ignore is that you need to buy a dress that goes well with your body shape to make you look splendid. Else, however, the dress is charismatic; if it does not suit your body type, it will be a failed attempt.

Though Indian traditional dresses are for everyone whether you are fat or thin, if you have a broad waistline and a heavy bust, you should wear traditional attire in dark colours.

 If you have a straight figure, wear Anarkali or jacketed dress. You will find the latest Anarkali dress online. The woman with a pear-shaped body can wear georgette sarees, crepe suits, high slit Kurtis, simple lehenga, etc. Apple body type women can wear a heavily embroidered blouse with saree, long-sleeved blouse, v neck ethnic tops, etc. Hourglass body shape women can go for flared Kurtis, dhoti salwar, palazzo with tops, frock suit design, etc.


Go for Indo western fusion

You would have observed that these days Indian dresses come with a western touch such as crop top lehenga, halter lehenga choli, etc. You can wear one of these on special occasions such as a wedding or festival. This will ensure that you are in traditional attire and at the same time you look impressively splendid too.

For lighter occasions, you can wear a long ethnic skirt with a collar top or a ruffled sleeve crop top. It will make you look like a show stopper who has impeccably infused tradition with modernity. Kurtis with jeans is a typical Indo western fusion dress that finds its place in the wardrobe of many offices going women and college students. To make it more stylish, add some light junk jewellery such as a bangle or earrings. Men too love to wear long or short kurta with jeans, especially on occasions like weddings, rituals and functions, festivals, etc.



Another critical factor to keep in mind if you want to look stylish is to ensure that your dress has proper length and fit. While you can wear Kurtis in a loose fit but bottoms such as straight pants and churidar should not be loose. It should be skin hugging. Narrow fit bottoms look excellent and also makes the waist to appear smaller.  


Adding matching jewellery, either junk or plastic or antique, it will always add to dressing up well. Diamond studs are always good to go with any dress. Dupatta and stole are other colourful additions and can be taken to add more vibrance and meaning to your outfit. The right footwear also makes a lot of difference to your overall look. You can safely go for high heels or stilettos with traditional dresses Online in india.

The hairstyle is also a significant part of the overall look. Make sure you flaunt one of the best hair-do matching dresses. Keep your hair open when you are wearing a sari. A high bun with a long plate looks good on red lehenga.

Traditional dresses are for everyone. Its simplicity has touched many from all over the world. They are the perfect attire for every occasion. Though traditional attire is complete on its own and can hardly go wrong, with these tips, you can always upscale your style quotient even more.

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