The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Shades of Red this Festive Season

The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Shades of Red this Festive Season


The colour red is a symbol of love, passion, luxury and desire. From a little girl, to a beautifully-aged woman, the colour red is found irresistible by women of all ages. Red is often deemed as one of the most flattering and prosperous shades to don on a big day. It is a colour of celebration- it empowers and draws attention to the wearer. It is a beautiful colour that can enhance anyone’s personality. 

Red is the most dominant colour and has played an instrumental role in Hindu Culture. Although Indian customs are a burst of colours, with almost every colour thrown into the mix for good measure, red continues to be the core symbol of power and spirituality.

When it comes to red outfits, Red Indian Suits, Red Shararas, Red Lehenga Cholis, Red Patialas and Red Anarkalis add a certain allure your look. The colour red can charm anyone with its radiance and elegance. Red outfits are a go-to for Indian women for special occasions, be it a wedding, pooja, or even a birthday. Hot, classy and stylish- Red remains in the limelight and can accentuate anyone 
Here is a curated list of must-have red outfits for your traditional wardrobe:

Scintillating Red Saree

Red Saree  Red Saree 

Red Saree is the quintessential Indian Traditional Dress that is repeatedly worn by celebrities on and off screen. A Red Saree is essential for every Indian Woman’s wardrobe.

While Red Sarees make classic wedding dresses, they also make amazing Cocktail Sarees. One can also clad an elegant Red Saree with a well-fit blouse for casual occasions.

You can play with numerous borders, patterns, prints, fabrics, embroideries, embellishments to create an ethnic or urban look, but you can never go wrong with a radiant red saree.

Regal Red Lehenga

Red Lehenga  Red Lehenga

A red lehenga is known all across India for its enchanting look. It looks vibrant and captivating on any lady, which is why most women count on it as their wedding lehenga.

You can never go wrong with these red lehengas which are traditional with a touch of contemporary, just let the colour do the talking and feel a sense of beauty, elegance and style take over.

Ruby Red Anarkali

Red Anarkali Suit  Red Anarkali Suit

From Rekha to Alia, Anarkali Suits are timeless Indian beauties. Besides being stylish, Anarkali suits are also comfortable to spend long hours in. Red Anarkali Suits are known for their majestic tradition and modern elegance and are the epitome of grace. After all, the charm of a red anarkali suit is irresistible.

Crimson Red Salwar Suit

Red Straight Salwar Suit  Red Straight Salwar Suit 

One of the most timeless examples of Indian outfits is Salwar Suit. Whatever the event, Salwar Suit brings out the essence of Indian clothing and looks good on all ages, especially in the colour red. This traditional dress has remained relevant across various fashion timelines and keeps evolving with time to characterise new styles in modern clothing while maintaining the essence of timeless fashion.

The colour red has a deep meaning in the Indian psyche and continues to breathe fire in the eyes of the beholder. Red ethnic dresses in the form of Salwar Suits, Sarees, Lehengas and Anarkalis.





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