Why Georgette Is The Finest Fabric For Indian Traditional Dress?

Why Georgette Is The Finest Fabric For Indian Traditional Dress?Β 


Georgette is a timeless fabric which has always been renowned in the fashion industry for its versatility. The delicate yet bouncy effect of the cloth makes it the perfect fabric for celebrations, while the breathable and lightweight quality of pure silk georgette is the go-to for a simple, casual look.

Thanks to our temperate climate, Indian Fashion Designers prefer versatile fabrics like Georgette to carry the weight of Indian artistry on them, giving the wearer an elegant yet effortless look. Its featherlight quality allows it to be used for heavy embroidery, designs, artwork, embellishments, and much more.

Georgette can be used to make all sorts of outfits- lehenga, saree, salwar suit, Patiala, kurti, Anarkali, palazzo, or even a dress. Buy Indian Traditional Dress Online in India here.

Here are some of the reasons why Georgette Indian Traditional Dresses are a must have:

A Fabric of Flowing Drapes

Black SareeΒ Β Peach Saree

Across India, Georgette has made its mark for its incomparable drape quality. The sheer quality of the fabric allows the drape to layer over with ease in a flowy manner. This makes georgette the perfect fabric for Indian sarees. Unlike smooth fabrics like silk, that keep sliding off, georgette’s crinkly texture makes it easy for the saree to cling to the body for a comfortable and effortless look. Buy Georgette Saree online in India here.

Holds on to Dyes the Longest

Peach SareeΒ Β Pink Traditional Dress

Indian ethnic wear comes from rich customs and traditions and is very vibrant, which clearly reflects in all Indian dyes. As Georgette is made from high-absorbent silk, it can be dyed in various colours and prints. Georgette is a favourite among the masses and has gained immense popularity as it holds dyes the longest, showing off beautiful floral and abstract prints. There is no need to decorate Georgette as the quality and print of the fabric is a beauty in itself. Buy Georgette Dress online in India here.

Matte Look for an Elegant Ensemble

Blue Patiala SuitΒ Β Β Green Sharara Suit

Although most Indian affairs are dazzling celebrations, one cannot always wear glossy ensembles to every function. Matte looks charming and are perfect for daytime functions. Sunshine makes Georgette look dazzling in the daylight which is why Georgette Salwar Suits are very popular amongst the younger generations. Buy Georgette salwar suit online in India here.

Ravishing Appeal of Elan

Green SareeΒ Β Red Sharara Suit

The twisted yarn of georgette gives the cloth a dramatic bounce with a distinct ethereal effect. This quality of georgette sets it apart from other fabrics like chiffon, making it an ideal choice for weddings and other functions. It is indeed one of the best fabrics to give that celestial appeal of finesse. This attribute is why georgette is the most used fabric in Indian lehengas and Indian Traditional Dresses. Being lightweight, Georgette gives room for styles like sequins, heavy embroidery, heavy stones, etc. Buy Indian Traditional Dress online in India here.

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